Jan 302010
Anvil of Opportunity

This past week was sucking hard until Thursday night thanks to a wide variety of frustrations, mostly stemming from my chronic impatience. Thankfully I had a gig with one of my musical projects that night as some music therapy was sorely needed. At that gig, during our third set, I noticed a group of dudes [Continue Reading…]

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Jan 242010
Meetup Wrapup

Yesterday I joined several other local lighting enthusiasts at the first St. Louis Strobist Group meetup of 2010.  We tend to get together about once every quarter and it’s always a great way to see what other Strobists are doing with lighting.  Unfortunately, we were unable to use the very cool warehouse location we’d hoped [Continue Reading…]

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Jan 222010
One Lone Car

Ever since my old band played a show with these fellas back in 2006, I’ve been a huge fan of their tightly written songs and energetic performances.  They possess immense talent that belies their youth yet they are affable, modest guys that are clearly having as much as fun as anyone in their rapidly growing [Continue Reading…]

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Jan 182010
So Much Closer Outtakes

Yesterday I did some promo shots for a new local band called So Much Closer.  I know a couple of these guys so it was a pretty casual and fun shoot, as you can see from the outtakes below.  I’m doing more and more band portraits these days and I must say that I absolutely [Continue Reading…]

Jan 172010
Chasing Light In The Fog

After last night’s gig I had the urge to go shoot some stuff in the dense fog hovering over St. Louis.  The recent Strobist post about Kevin Cooley’s night photography had piqued my interest and who knows when the weather would be decent again.  It was 3 am when I shot these while cruising around [Continue Reading…]

Jan 152010
My Wife Is A Pot Head

Well, a potter anyway.  She’s been throwing pots (on the wheel, not at me) for several years now and she’s remarkably talented.  She originally started taking classes to provide a creative outlet while I was away at my nightly gigs but her work is good enough to sustain her ongoing passion for it.  I was [Continue Reading…]

Jan 072010
Frigid Blizzard Soup

We got our first major snow of the year today so Tracy was the recipient of a rare Snow Day. Still on a Southwestern food kick after last week. I cooked migas for breakfast and she returned the favor by whipping up some killer squash soup for lunchtime. Seizing the opportunity to escape the mundane [Continue Reading…]

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