Feb 282010
Filming The Invasion

Headed north to Springfield, IL tonight to take mom out for her birthday.  On the way home we decided to stop at this weird antique mall in Livingston.  I’ve driven by it a hundred times and always marvel at the ever-growing collection of strange stuff that surrounds the building.  Tonight we noticed there is now [Continue Reading…]

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Feb 192010
Monads, Stanton Moore & Galactic

Wow.  Last night kicked my ass. Before I run down the list of lunacies, take a look at the top of this page.  You’ll see above that yesterday’s Project365 photo captured an animated, wildly gesturing percussionist in the midst of flailing away at his instrument.  That’s Stanton Moore, folks.  And he is one funky, funky [Continue Reading…]

Feb 162010
Light, Words, Music

I went downtown tonight to catch some friends in the act of making music.  It’s Fat Tuesday and St. Louis is a big-time Mardi Gras town so I expected mass craziness but was  a bit let down.  Actually, I wasn’t.  I have little patience for hordes of drunken revelers, even if they do make for [Continue Reading…]

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Feb 102010
So Many Sleepy Capybaras.

Last Friday I covered the So Many Dynamos show at the newly resurgent Old Rock House. This club has been around for a couple of years now but never really got the ball rolling as far as consistently booking great bands. That has definitely changed as this year’s roster of shows is stellar so far. [Continue Reading…]

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Feb 022010
I Shot The Mafia

The Food Blog Mafia, that is.  The website is a blog/clearing house for the talents of a quartet of very talented ladies.  Annie Lehrer, Kelli Best-Oliver, Stephanie Tolle and Kelly Green Schmickle are talented, beautiful and downright hilarious foodies that blog about everything from elegant dishes like goose liver pate to less, uhm, traditional fare [Continue Reading…]

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