Mar 282010
STS9 @ The Pageant

Sound Tribe Sector Nine (STS9 to their legions of fans) arrived at The Pageant with enough candlepower to overwhelm the sun and your senses, along with their signature brand of trippy instrumental wizardry.  My full review of the show is at PlaybackSTL.

Mar 222010
The Flying Skulls @ The Pageant

Opening for their 1320 Records label mates STS9 last Saturday, The Flying Skulls sought to expose any cracks in the Pageant’s cement floor with their booming assault of sonic frippery.  Stay tuned to for my full review of the show.

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Mar 142010
Caleb Travers

Off Broadway, the venerable St. Louis venue located in the historic Lemp district, just keeps getting better.  I seem to get by there every six months or so, and in the few years since Steve Pohlman took over it has seen a host of improvements.  And appropriately, most of them are based around allowing fans [Continue Reading…]

Mar 122010
Imperial China is Taking Over

Yes folks, we’ve been invaded.  Imperial China descended upon St. Louis to play a face-melting set at Cicero’s with Sleepy Kitty on Wednesday night, and I have fallen in love with the band.  The best description I have heard is that they sound “as if Mogwai, Fugazi and Jawbox got spun out on meth and [Continue Reading…]

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Mar 112010
More Sleepy Kitty

My new friends Sleepy Kitty played a great show at Cicero’s last night and I had the honor of photographing them again.  This time I was armed with my new D700 and 24-70mm f/2.8 glass so I shot like a mad man.  I’ll be adjusting a few settings after editing these shots, but I’m definitely [Continue Reading…]

Mar 082010
Self-Taught vs. Self-Motivated

A commenter on this very blog recently asked me if I am “self-taught”.  My first instinct was to answer proudly, “Why yes!  YES I AM!”. After all, I’ve never taken any formal photography classes or attended any seminars or such.  But upon further reflection (and a heavy dose of reality) I realized that I am [Continue Reading…]

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Mar 012010
One Less Obstacle

I have a confession to make:  music was my first love, not photography.  Listening to it, playing it, talking about it.  Didn’t matter.  Still doesn’t.  Anything to do with music and I was excited to do it.  And for the last three years I’ve played music for a full-time living.  I got to travel the [Continue Reading…]

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