Apr 302010
Droids Attack @ Ciceros 4.27.10

Descending not from the sky but from Madison, Wisconsin, Droids Attack unleashed their sonic fury upon St. Louis Wednesday night.  Their new album is entitled Must Destroy and that’s precisely what this stoner metal power trio did. Many faces were melted clean off.  Luckily my trusty Nikon gear is coated in a proprietary droid-proof polymer, [Continue Reading…]

Apr 242010
Hitchcock Kitty

What do you get when you combine a ridiculously creative duo like Sleepy Kitty with a killer location and a lighting-happy music photographer? Well, you get promo photos like this for your band: The Concept Readers of this here blog will recognize Paige and Evan from the live shots I’ve done for them.  I’ve informed [Continue Reading…]

Apr 222010
David Vandervelde, Ghostfinger @ Off Broadway 4/21/10

Honor And Shame Last night I dragged my wife (on her birthday no less) to see a band I’ve been dying to check out live for several years:  Ghostfinger.  I was introduced to the band by their drummer Van Campbell, who also plays in the similarly kickass outfit Black Diamond Heavies.  The band was kind [Continue Reading…]

Apr 222010
The Booze Live @ The Old Rock House 4/18/2010

Spearheading a triple bill with heavy hitters like Earl Greyhound and OK Go has to be a daunting task, but the fierce young quintet known as The Booze held their own when they kicked off last Sunday’s show at The Old Rock House with heavy swagger and a vibrant set of garage rock. Looking like [Continue Reading…]

Apr 202010
Earl Greyhound @ The Old Rock House 4/18/10

Let’s just get this out of the way right up front:  I am a major fan of Earl Greyhound.  There.  The unbiased journalism can now commence. Ever since I was turned on to the band’s 2006 release Soft Targets, I have been in love with their glorious blend of psychedelia and glam rock.  I missed [Continue Reading…]

Apr 192010
OK GO @ The Old Rock House 4/18/2010

Upon my arrival at The Old Rock House last night, I knew I was in for quite a night.  There was a long line of fans waiting to enter the venue, a giant tour bus parked outside, a tent on the patio to house the monitor soundboard, and more equipment on stage than I’ve ever [Continue Reading…]

Apr 192010
Matt Pond PA @ The Chaifetz Arena 4/16/10

Opening for Ben Folds’ solo show, Matt Pond performed with only a guitarist and a beer.  Well, two beers–he stole his accompanist’s beverage after draining his own.  It was all in good fun though, which they seemed to be having plenty of.  Even after enduring an onslaught of heckling from a particularly chatty fan parked [Continue Reading…]

Apr 172010
Ben Folds at Chaifetz Arena 4/16/10

Ben Folds is a badass.  And a musical genius.  And a good drummer.  How can you not dig the guy? Friday night at the Chaifetz he was in classic form, performing solo versions of his biggest hits as well as some newer tunes.  And while the overly chatty youths on the venue floor sometimes made [Continue Reading…]

Apr 162010
Making It Rain

I feel better now.  Really, I do.  I’ve had this idea pinging around in my head for a few weeks and I finally talked one of my friends into helping me pull it off.  Now I can actually sleep at night instead of working through the lighting setups for this shot as I lie awake [Continue Reading…]

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Apr 142010
Abi Robins CD Release Party

Singer/songwriter Abi Robins celebrated the release of her excellent new album For Luck or Lie (Morning Bird Records) at Off Broadway on Monday night in front of a rapt audience.  Abi is a talented artist and will be on tour for pretty much the entire summer, so check her out when she swings through your [Continue Reading…]