Jul 262010
Goodbye, Zep.

Our dog Zeppelin died yesterday.  He was twelve years old and had lived a pretty healthy life but over the last two days a combination of arthritis, throat problems and pneumonia suddenly shut his canine body down.  We had to make the tough decision that every pet owner dreads, and in the end we realized [Continue Reading…]

Jul 232010

I didn’t know a lot about the band going into the shoot other than the fact that they are a NINE-PIECE BAND. Actually, they probably told me a lot about the band but that was all my feeble little photographer brain heard: “Nine? Oh crap. How in the living hell am I gonna light NINE guys?”.

Jul 202010
I Shot My Family

It’s rare that my side of the family get together in the same place, especially since my mom and dad divorced several years ago so spending time with everyone while making these photos was nice.

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Jul 172010
Zack Arias' OneLight Workshop 7.14.2010

This week I had the honor of coordinating the St. Louis stop on the 2010 OneLight Workshop tour. This successful (or would that be sucksessful?) workshop is hosted Zack Arias, a talented photographer and educator from Atlanta. The basic premise behind Zack’s workshop is that you don’t need a zillion dollars worth of equipment to make a great photo; in fact you can create compelling images with a single light. Hence the whole “OneLight” thing. Duh.

Jul 052010
O'Fallon Heritage And Freedom Festival

This unique event combines the charm of a small-town 4th of July celebration with the scale of a big city music festival that draws high quality talent like Five For Fighting and Darryl Worley.