Oct 272010

Even better, I got to shoot in one of the most photographer-friendly venues I’ve ever encountered. Security was friendly, the pit was spacious, and there was a nifty indent on each side of the stage so I could shoot from the wings of the stage. And while I was restricted by the typical three-songs-and-out rule, security allowed me to stay in the shooting area to watch the rest of the show.

Oct 122010
The Not-So-Frozen Tundra of Lambeau Field

I just returned from a weekend in Green Bay where I did some portraits and documentary-style shooting of a family that graciously supported my recent Kickstarter project.  Normally I would cringe at the idea of heading so far north this time of year, but Green Bay (and neighboring Door County) were resplendent in fall color [Continue Reading…]

Oct 112010

With the Takeoff I can simply unzip a flap on the bag of the bag, secure it underneath to the velcro tab near the wheels and strap the case to my back. Now I have two hands free to steady myself as I ascend a muddy hill or traverse a rocky riverbed en route to my location.

Oct 052010
Story Of The Year @ The Pageant 10.04.10

The hometown heroes are currently on tour supporting Flyleaf, which has to be making things tough for the headliners. SOTY is one of the most energetic live acts I’ve ever seen, with high flying stage antics and a pummeling sound that ignites audiences worldwide (seriously, they just got back from an Australian tour). And while [Continue Reading…]

Oct 042010
Taste of St. Louis, Day 3 Highlights

It was a fun but tiring weekend, and as usual I had “festival feet” by the end of Sunday. Nothing some leftover birthday cake at home couldn’t fix, mind you.