Nov 302010
The Orbz @ STL LOUD 11.28.2010

Guitarist Ken Adelman was firing away with his Pentax and vocalist Jason Robinson was filming the proceedings on his camcorder. It’s a good thing too, because I ended up shooting the shit way more than shooting photos. It’s a great bunch of guys that Orbz crew.

Nov 172010
Sleepy Kitty w/Dresden Dolls @ The Pageant 11.16.2010

My friends Evan and Paige of Sleepy Kitty played their biggest show yet last night, and they kindly asked me to document the night for them. As an admirer of their music, their graphic design business, and their support for my own work I was all too happy to oblige. After watching them perform to [Continue Reading…]

Nov 102010
Ha Ha Tonka @ Off Broadway 11.9.2010

Sometimes my job is easier than other times. Last night was an easy night, thanks to the fine young gentlemen of the band Ha Ha Tonka and their equally amiable management at Bloodshot Records. Wrangling a band for pre-show portraits can be an experience ranging from Major-Pain-In-The-Ass to Simply Impossible but HHT’s label rep and [Continue Reading…]

Nov 062010
The Dive Poets @ STL LOUD 11.6.2010

Today I had the honor of photographing local twang-rockers The Dive Poets in the studio as they tracked a tune for the upcoming STL LOUD compilation EP. The record is the brain child of Ryan Albritton, owner of R&R Music Labs, and in intended to showcase a wide spectrum of great St. Louis bands. I’ll [Continue Reading…]