Mar 262011
North Mississippi All Stars w/ Nathaniel Rateliff @ The Pageant 3.25.2011

First off, the band was filming the show. And while this meant sharing precious space in the photo pit with two camera operators and a pair of huge crates for them to stand on, it also meant that the stage lighting was excellent. I was also lucky in that there was only one other credentialed photog in the pit so I was able to shoot from a wide angle to eliminate the stage monitor issue. And, while the band would argue how fortuitous this is, the venue was far from a sell-out so I could shoot from the floor without fighting my way through the crowd.

Mar 212011
Fishbone @ City Museum 3.14.2011

While I lamented that the “classic” lineup of the band disbanded years ago, I caught the pimple-faced-kid in me grinning like a fool as I watched Fishbone founders Moore, bassist Norwood Fisher and trumpeter “Dirty” Walter Kibby deliver classics like “Sunless Saturday” and “Bonin In The Boneyard”.

Mar 152011
The Lookout Tour 3.10.2011

This was the first hip-hop show I’ve ever shot and while the unimpeded sight lines were a pleasant change, it can be tricky to make exciting photos when there’s just a rapper and DJ on stage. Thankfully, most of the performers were relatively high energy (Mathias in particular) and I shot from a variety of angle to prevent static imagery.