Nov 222011
Ryan Spearman Promo Portraits

I made a concerted effort on this shoot not to get caught up in overly complex lighting schemes. I have a bad habit of doing that at the expense of eliciting genuine responses from my subjects and going overboard with the lighting might have compromised the simple vibe we were after anyway.

Nov 122011
STL LOUD 3 @ Off Broadway 11.11.2011

Each showcase brings together a diverse mix of fans and almost everyone leaves impressed with an artist that they previously had no idea existed or had never taken the time to check out. It’s always a party celebrating great local music, and that’s a great thing to see.

Nov 102011

I always said I would never do weddings. I was around them a lot when I was younger since my mom owned a bridal shop and I worked for a while as the bridal registry consultant at a department store (seriously). I saw my share of “Bridezillas”. I know the stresses involved in these things. No way in hell did I want to deal with any of that drama.

Nov 102011
Band Portraits: Last To Show First To Go

The snarling wind had a bit to do with this approach too, because when I tried to open my 50″ softbox for a different lighting look it almost picked me up and dropped me in Oz.

Nov 082011
Social Distortion @ Bridgestone Arena, Nashville 10.28.2011

And I mean no disrespect to the Avett Brothers, whom Social D. was opening for, but this is MIKE F*#(ING NESS we are talking about here. It’s like asking Johnny Cash to open for Mumford & Sons.

Nov 042011
Dorm Room Dinners for Feast Magazine

I mean, if you are a wine enthusiast looking for a cozy, dimly-lit joint in which to enjoy a phenomenal range of wines served by a talented, knowledgeable staff then it’s perfect. But if you are a photographer on the move trying to shoot a fast-moving crew of three chefs working in a makeshift kitchen, it’s flat-out DARK.

Nov 032011
The Avett Brothers @ Bridgestone Area, Nashville 10.28.2011

Shot on assignment for my award-winning friends at IWentToAShow, where you can read my review of the concert, here are a bunch more photos of the hunky banjo-pickers you all love to sing along with. And you are welcome to buy a limited edition print of your faves, too. The Avett Brothers Live @ Bridgestone [Continue Reading…]

Nov 012011
Garage a Trois @ 2720 Cherokee 9.30.2011

Stanton Moore is one of my drumming heroes, primarily because his mixture of funk chops and rock bombast aligns perfectly with my own drumming ideals. Of course, he pulls it off much, MUCH better than I typically do. In the past I have photographed Stanton in clinic and with his electrifying band Galactic, but until [Continue Reading…]