Jan 302012
Italian-Style Pizza for Feast Magazine

DISCLAIMER: I cannot be held responsible for the consequences of you licking your computer monitor while reading this post. A couple months ago, my editor at Feast emailed me to ask, “How do you feel about pizza?”. As much as I wanted to include the word ‘tumescent’ in my reply, I erred on the side [Continue Reading…]

Jan 252012
Shooting The Shooter Series, Vol. X: Johnny Andrews

Ladies and gents, I present to you an endangered species: a staff newspaper photographer. The ridiculously talented Mr. Andrews shoots for the St. Louis Post Dispatch, and he’s not a freelancer. He is part of the dying breed of staff shooters; breathing rarefied air alongside other survivors of the rampant downsizing plaguing the industry. But [Continue Reading…]

Jan 242012
Band Portraits: Matt Hill & The Deep Fryed Two

DISCLAIMER: I am fully aware that “fryed” is not the generally accepted spelling of “fried”. It’s a blues thing. Just go with it. With that out of the way, I’d like to introduce to a positively kickass blues trio fronted by a young firebrand named Matt Hill. Originally from North Carolina, Hill currently makes his [Continue Reading…]

Jan 172012
JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound @ The Pageant 1.13.2012

Trying to photograph the perpetual motion machine that is JC Brooks can be a little unnerving, but thankfully there were only four photogs in the pit that night and I was able to chase him around enough to bag a few shots.

Jan 082012
Cracker @ The Pageant, 1.6.2012

Ah, the benefits of social media. I’ve built a network of friends and colleagues by sharing my work and my interests, and in return I’m continually presented with opportunities like this. The stuff works if you use it for good, not evil.