Feb 292012
Big Brother Thunder And the Master Blasters

Ok. Let’s just pause for a sec and consider the greatness of this band’s moniker. Seriously. Take it all in. Now, ask yourself, “what are the chances that this is anything but an eight-piece funk band?”. Nil, pal. Absolutely nil. My buddies Ryan and Ryan at R&R Music Labs invited me to the band’s recording [Continue Reading…]

Feb 272012
Oysters for Feast Magazine

Like oysters, every photo assignment has a silver lining. And after shooting this feature for Feast Magazine, on newsstands this week, I have some pearls of wisdom to offer. Ugh. Those are the worst puns ever. Don’t Be Shellfish, It’s A Team Effort But seriously folks, this was a uniquely challenging shoot due to both [Continue Reading…]

Feb 202012
Fashion Work For MensUnderwearStore.com

Here’s one for the ladies.  Some more work for the folks at MUS.  These are the fun shots we get to do after a grueling day of catalog photos on a static set.  And after 6 or so hours scrutinizing each image on the monitor, telling the merchandiser where to adjust the garments, and generally [Continue Reading…]

Feb 142012
Family Recipe Box #4: Breakfast Pizza

This recipe is attributed to my grandma, but I’m pretty sure it can be found on almost every package of Pillsbury Crescent Rolls. Not to diminish mamaw’s culinary reputation, mind you, but it’s not exactly a revelatory recipe. It’s still yummy though. In any case, it’s a ridiculously easy dish to prepare. Seriously, I’m sure [Continue Reading…]

Feb 052012
Family Recipe Box #3:  Puppy Chow

First off, don’t feed your dog this. It’s laced with chocolate, which is lethal to dogs, plus it has 2 sticks of butter in it and about 900,000 calories so if the chocolate doesn’t kill the pooch it will likely meet its doom via diabetes or a heart attack. Second, while this recipe is essentially [Continue Reading…]