Apr 302012
Shooting The Shooter Series, Vol. XII: Jay Fram

For this episode of the series, I opted to literally shoot the shooter while he worked. Jay Fram was shooting a series of images for a local university and invited me along to shadow him on a pair of setups on the same afternoon. While the weather was less than optimal (read: pissing rain, blustery [Continue Reading…]

Apr 262012
200 Posts, Secret Stuff, And Not Your Average Wedding Portraits

For this, my 200th post on this blog (how the hell did that happen), I am ashamed to do that lame-ass thing where bloggers make a post about how busy they have been and apologize for not making regular updates lately. I hate that. Plus, all the blogging gurus (and LORD there are a lot [Continue Reading…]

Apr 022012
Meet The Lulus

This should go without saying, but it behooves me to do the best possible work on every single project I shoot. The client hires you, then you should bust your ass to knock it out of the park so that they feel they got what they paid for, right? Duh. But the larger picture, the [Continue Reading…]