May 312012
Recent Work: Feast Magazine

So this is pretty exciting: I shot my first cover for Feast Magazine. And it involved MEAT! They say to shoot what you love and it will come through in the final product. Maybe there is some truth to that, because I really dig steak. And before you ask, YES I ate the cuts when [Continue Reading…]

May 312012
Abi Robins Promo Portraits

When indie-folk songstress Abi Robins contacted me from Denver to discuss promo photos for her new album, I was pretty stoked. When she told me it was titled Such A Mess and that she was up for anything photo-wise, I got downright giddy. A few weeks ago she came through town and we spent the [Continue Reading…]

May 222012

Last weekend, the Folk School of St. Louis hosted the first annual St. Louis Folks and Roots Festival. It featured a great array of both local and national talent playing everything from traditional bluegrass to folked-up versions of Prince jams (yes, that really happened, and it was awesome). The Folk School hired me on as [Continue Reading…]

May 132012
"New Years Rulin's" - My Tribute to Woody Guthrie in Photos and Music

For those of you unaware, the folk hero/musician/activist Woody Guthrie would have been 100 years old this year. There are tons of celebrations and centennial tributes taking place throughout the world, but one local tribute caught my attention at the beginning of this year. It also spawned a tribute project of my own. A local [Continue Reading…]