Jul 312012
The “New Years Rulin’s” Project: Behind The Scenes, #5 – Take Bath

[You can read the rest of this series here.] THE CONCEPT As with most of the hygiene themed Rulin’s in this series, my vision for this photo came to me fairly easily. In short, I wanted to make a weird photo of a dude in a bubble bath. Man that sounds strange. THE PEOPLE In [Continue Reading…]

Jul 272012
The “New Years Rulin’s” Project: Behind The Scenes, #4 – Shave

Note — If you are wondering what the hell this stuff is all about, you can see the entire series of posts here. THE CONCEPT This was a fun one, and another shoot where I had a very clear concept in mind before we got together. Of course, that changed a bit as things progressed. [Continue Reading…]

Jul 262012
Career Journeys Feature for ALIVE Magazine

A couple months ago I received an interesting assignment from ALIVE magazine–an assignment that seemed perfectly tailored for me on many levels. The article I was supporting is a profile of five different St. Louisans that have undergone fairly radical career shifts to find their current level of success. Having undergone such a shift myself [Continue Reading…]

Jul 252012
Forecastle Festival For KDHX

A couple weeks ago I had the privilege of photographing the tenth annual Forecastle Festival in Louisville, Kentucky. Any excuse to visit my favorite city in the Bluegrass State is welcome, especially so when I get to travel with some excellent pals, drink bourbon, and photograph bands like Wilco and My Morning Jacket. Joining me [Continue Reading…]

Jul 232012
The “New Years Rulin’s” Project: Behind The Scenes, #3 – Wash Teeth, If Any

Almost everyone that has viewed this image from the project cracks up when they see it. I dig that. Eliciting a response from viewers is one of my fundamental responsibilities as a photographer, and whether that response is laughter, hostility, shock or any other emotion, I have done my job. THE CONCEPT I had a [Continue Reading…]

Jul 192012
The “New Years Rulin’s” Project: Behind The Scenes, #2 – Work By A Schedule

As I hinted at in the first post of this series, the success of the Guthrie project depended as much on networking with folks as it did on making good photos. This shot is another example of that connectivity in action. THE CONCEPT This one came to me pretty easily. My first instincts were to [Continue Reading…]

Jul 172012
The "New Years Rulin's" Project: Behind The Scenes, #1 - Work More And Better

If you have had any contact with me during the last several weeks, you have undoubtedly heard me talk about my Woody Guthrie photo project. And if you have been in frequent contact with me lately you are very likely sick of hearing about it. If that’s the case, my apologies, and you might want [Continue Reading…]