Aug 292012
The “New Years Rulin’s” Project: Behind The Scenes, #7 Drink Very Scant If Any

[You can read the rest of this series here.] I feel hungover just looking at this photo. Probably because the lovely lady you see pictured above has been responsible for my overconsumption on many, many occasions. It certainly isn’t my fault. You see, Sharon Meyer slings drinks at BB’s Jazz Blues and Soups, the legendary [Continue Reading…]

Aug 272012
LouFest 2012 Highlights

As I write this, I am a broken man. The third installment of LouFest, the biggest rock festival in St. Louis, is now in the history books and man it was a doozie. My back is aching from toting a camera gear around the grounds for two full days, my feet are covered in blisters [Continue Reading…]

Aug 222012
The “New Years Rulin’s” Project: Behind The Scenes, #6 Eat Good - Fruit, Vegetables, Milk

[You can read the rest of this series here.] THE CONCEPT This was one of a very few photos from the project for which I knew exactly the shot I wanted and who I wanted to photograph. Almost every other image in the series required some amount of brainstorming but this one came to me [Continue Reading…]

Aug 192012
Shooting The Shooter Series, Vol. XIII: Virginia Harold

Virginia’s work first blipped onto my radar on Facebook, via my pal Jarred Gastreich. I was impressed with her frequent collaborations with various burlesque performers around town, but I soon realized that Virginia is also a talented painter and digital artist. Her recent set of underwater portraits was especially well-done, and we had been talking [Continue Reading…]

Aug 102012
Musician Portraits - "Bumblebee" Bob Kamoske

When I am approached by musical acts to do photos, there is usually a conversation that takes place regarding concepts for the shoot. Does the artist want something thematic or just a cool portrait? Something dark and moody or airy and bright? Bold colors or subdued, even black and white tones? It’s an important thing [Continue Reading…]