Mar 102014
Corporate Storytelling With Cofactor Genomics

This was a fun project that allowed me to stretch out a little and broaden my photographic horizons a bit. I’ve been interested in doing more corporate portrait work and visual storytelling for interesting businesses, so when this opportunity came up I jumped on it. I mean, what kind of business is more interesting than [Continue Reading...]

Feb 122014
Recent Work for

It’s been a while since I shared some shots from one of my best regular clients, So here you go. Just in time for Valentine’s Day. And before you ask, ladies–no we aren’t hiring for photo assistants. There’s a long waiting list of volunteers. Go figure. As always, much credit goes to my great [Continue Reading...]

May 302013
New Web Photos For Pi Pizzerias and GRINGO

I was recently hired to shoot a pair of image libraries for online use by the terrific folks that own Pi Pizzerias and GRINGO, a killer new Mexican restaurant here in St. Louis. This multi-day project was a challenge for a number of reasons, the biggest of which was the need to shoot a lot [Continue Reading...]

May 302013
Product Photos for Jenkins-Martin Drums

As many of you know, I’m a working musician as well as a photographer. Well, not a musician–just a drummer (as the old joke goes). And if you read this blog on a regular basis you know that these two seemingly divergent pursuits often intersect. I get drumming gigs from people I’ve photographed and vice [Continue Reading...]

Feb 222013
Promo Photos: Ben Daniel / The Uncredibles

Ben came to me with a fully-formed vision of what he wanted from his new press photos, right down to the props and location. It’s always nice when that happens because it lets me focus on fulfilling my client’s needs within a defined set of parameters. Some might find it confining, but I feel just [Continue Reading...]

Feb 122013
I Have A Bomb, On A Boat

First of all, I Have A Bomb is a band (and a darn good one). They just happened to choose a name that no one can mention within a mile of an airport. Just wanna get that out of the way for all of the Feds that are undoubtedly reading this blog post due to [Continue Reading...]

Nov 202012
We Won! -- Clint Zweifel Re-Election Campaign Photos

I dunno if you heard, but there was recently an election. Missouri State Treasurer Clint Zweifel was re-elected for a second term and I’m proud to say I was part of the campaign. I dig a lot of the things he does for his constituents so when I was hired to do some photos for [Continue Reading...]

May 312012
Abi Robins Promo Portraits

When indie-folk songstress Abi Robins contacted me from Denver to discuss promo photos for her new album, I was pretty stoked. When she told me it was titled Such A Mess and that she was up for anything photo-wise, I got downright giddy. A few weeks ago she came through town and we spent the [Continue Reading...]

Apr 022012
Meet The Lulus

This should go without saying, but it behooves me to do the best possible work on every single project I shoot. The client hires you, then you should bust your ass to knock it out of the park so that they feel they got what they paid for, right? Duh. But the larger picture, the [Continue Reading...]

Feb 202012
Fashion Work For

Here’s one for the ladies.  Some more work for the folks at MUS.  These are the fun shots we get to do after a grueling day of catalog photos on a static set.  And after 6 or so hours scrutinizing each image on the monitor, telling the merchandiser where to adjust the garments, and generally [Continue Reading...]