Dec 042014
Craft Cocktails for The Riverfront Times

I appreciate an adult beverage from time to time and my current hometown of St. Louis is enjoying a resurgence of classic cocktails, so it was an honor to shoot this piece for the Riverfront Times. It was also quite a challenge: shooting portraits of seven people and a dozen cocktails in five locations over [Continue Reading…]

Jun 032013
Recent Food Work

Here’s a bunch of food photography I’ve done over the last few months (not including the Pi and Gringo stuff I recently posted). Random perhaps, but I felt the need to share. And now I’m hungry. Piccione Bakery for FEAST Magazine Hendricks BBQ for FEAST Magazine Empire Deli and Pizzeria for Riverfront Times That’s a [Continue Reading…]

Feb 062013
NHB Knife Works for FEAST Magazine

The Febuary edition of FEAST is out now and it includes a piece on NHB Knife Works that I shot. Nate Bonner crafts custom kitchen cutlery (alliteration!) and was a lot of fun to work with. The knives were a little trickier to deal with, however. Lighting anything this reflective requires sharp (HA!) concentration and [Continue Reading…]

Aug 272012
LouFest 2012 Highlights

As I write this, I am a broken man. The third installment of LouFest, the biggest rock festival in St. Louis, is now in the history books and man it was a doozie. My back is aching from toting a camera gear around the grounds for two full days, my feet are covered in blisters [Continue Reading…]

Aug 222012
The “New Years Rulin’s” Project: Behind The Scenes, #6 Eat Good - Fruit, Vegetables, Milk

[You can read the rest of this series here.] THE CONCEPT This was one of a very few photos from the project for which I knew exactly the shot I wanted and who I wanted to photograph. Almost every other image in the series required some amount of brainstorming but this one came to me [Continue Reading…]

Jul 262012
Career Journeys Feature for ALIVE Magazine

A couple months ago I received an interesting assignment from ALIVE magazine–an assignment that seemed perfectly tailored for me on many levels. The article I was supporting is a profile of five different St. Louisans that have undergone fairly radical career shifts to find their current level of success. Having undergone such a shift myself [Continue Reading…]

Jul 252012
Forecastle Festival For KDHX

A couple weeks ago I had the privilege of photographing the tenth annual Forecastle Festival in Louisville, Kentucky. Any excuse to visit my favorite city in the Bluegrass State is welcome, especially so when I get to travel with some excellent pals, drink bourbon, and photograph bands like Wilco and My Morning Jacket. Joining me [Continue Reading…]

May 312012
Recent Work: Feast Magazine

So this is pretty exciting: I shot my first cover for Feast Magazine. And it involved MEAT! They say to shoot what you love and it will come through in the final product. Maybe there is some truth to that, because I really dig steak. And before you ask, YES I ate the cuts when [Continue Reading…]

Apr 302012
Shooting The Shooter Series, Vol. XII: Jay Fram

For this episode of the series, I opted to literally shoot the shooter while he worked. Jay Fram was shooting a series of images for a local university and invited me along to shadow him on a pair of setups on the same afternoon. While the weather was less than optimal (read: pissing rain, blustery [Continue Reading…]

Mar 132012
Peach for STL LOUD

My pals at R&R Music Labs are cooking up another batch of their STL LOUD music series and among the artists featured on this edition is the power pop trio Peach. I’m a fan of the band and have worked with them in the past, so I was happy to come be a fly on [Continue Reading…]