Dec 232015
2015 Wrap Up / Road Trip / All Of The Faces in the Press

A year ago yesterday, I posted a message on Facebook inviting friends to the studio for some improvised portraits.  The intent was to stave off the post-holiday blues by experimenting with some photo ideas, but the ensuing handful of sessions inspired what is easily my most ambitious project ever. Exactly one year later, none other [Continue Reading…]

Dec 152011
Guerrilla Street Food Truck for Feast Magazine

Since I started working with the amazing folks at Feast Magazine this August, I have yet to encounter an assignment that isn’t both a challenge and a total blast to shoot. This was no exception, but not for the reasons you might think.

Jul 142011
Butt/Head Tour 2011

The next two days were spent wandering around the expansive grounds of the 31st annual Blissfest, a unique outdoor music festival that includes music spanning folk, rock and jazz genres; camping in an ancient forest; a wide variety of eats; and vendors ranging from artists to palm readers and massage therapists.

Oct 122010
The Not-So-Frozen Tundra of Lambeau Field

I just returned from a weekend in Green Bay where I did some portraits and documentary-style shooting of a family that graciously supported my recent Kickstarter project.  Normally I would cringe at the idea of heading so far north this time of year, but Green Bay (and neighboring Door County) were resplendent in fall color [Continue Reading…]

Aug 132010
At The Fair, Part 6 of 6: Demolition!

Sure, there are probably some female derby drivers out there but the spectacle of giant, battered sedans powered by roaring motors (with the minimal exhaust pipes jutting straight through the hood) smashing into each other at full tilt is most attractive to those carrying a Y chromosome.

Aug 122010
At The Fair, Part 5 of 6: On The Midway

Even the most jaded and cynical adult is forced to crack a warm-hearted smile when watching kids enjoy the carnival. Their eyes light up at the myriad of sights and sounds, their energy reserves continually replenished with every swoop, whoosh and spin.

Aug 102010
At The Fair, Part 4 of 6: Eats & Treats

As Anthony Bourdain has repeatedly pointed out, all civilized cultures feature some version of street food based on grilled meats in tube form. Hot dogs, polish sausages, bratwursts, corn dogs–they’re all celebrated icons of festival gastronomy and all were well represented at this fair.

Aug 082010
At The Fair, Part 2 of 6:  Horseplay

Considering the physicality of this sport, there’s no worry of childhood obesity in these young participants, although I’d recommend a helmet. Recovering from a head injury after a spill can be a lot tougher than losing your childhood chubbiness, I reckon.