Feb 202012

Here’s one for the ladies.  Some more work for the folks at MUS.  These are the fun shots we get to do after a grueling day of catalog photos on a static set.  And after 6 or so hours scrutinizing each image on the monitor, telling the merchandiser where to adjust the garments, and generally wearing out our model it’s a welcome challenge to strike the set and go play with the lights.

As always, much credit goes to stylist Danielle Shocklee, merchandiser Sarah Hayes and digital tech Alyssa Noe.  The images that run on the website generally get retouched by Alyssa, but you can see from these largely unedited shots that we are shooting as clean as possible in-camera. These shots are not without their own challenges though, since we typically have about an hour to shoot 4-5 different setups within the confines of the building we work in.

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