Jul 262012

A couple months ago I received an interesting assignment from ALIVE magazine–an assignment that seemed perfectly tailored for me on many levels. The article I was supporting is a profile of five different St. Louisans that have undergone fairly radical career shifts to find their current level of success. Having undergone such a shift myself (I made the leap from sales and project management to photographer in 2010) I could certainly relate to the piece, and I was excited to hear each subject’s story.

In order to help tell their stories, I needed to create an environmental portrait of each subject. That meant shooting on location in a wide variety of workspaces: a food truck, a huge corporate office, a tiny corner of a dusty warehouse, a street corner, and some place called Busch Stadium. Since I have been focusing my efforts on doing precisely this type of work, I felt up to the challenge and spent five days creating the photos you see here, as well as the outtakes below.

Everyone had a great story to tell, from heartbreaking to inspiring, and I am yet again reminded of how many incredible people I get to meet when I have a camera in my hand.

You can read the article online at ALIVEMag.com.


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