Oct 052010

Faced with the tough task of following opening act Story Of The Year (on SOTY’s home turf, no less), Flyleaf clearly had their work cut out for them at this show. Luckily, they came armed with pint-sized powerhouse Lacey Mosley on vocals and a dramatic stage show replete with creative lighting and set dressing.

As always, downloads and prints are available by clicking images in the slideshow below.

Shot on assignment for PlaybackSTL.

Flyleaf LIve @ The Pageant, 10.4.10 – Images by Corey Woodruff

  2 Responses to “Flyleaf Live @ The Pageant 10.04.10”

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  2. […] playing in the dark and never, ever stood still for more than 2 seconds.  The band was opening for Flyleaf and was therefore relegated to using the venue’s stock lighting rig since the headliner had […]

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