Dec 082010

Here are some portraits from a few recent assignments.


First up is Lindsay Pattan, owner of a local clothing and decor boutique called Miss Ohio Vintage. I shot her on assignment for Eleven Magazine for a feature that never ran. She works in a beautiful old office with natural window light which I augmented with some fill flash for these photos.


Joe Meyer is a local drummer and a good friend. He’s ridiculously talented and one of the funniest people I’ve ever met. I shot these portraits of him in about 15 minutes at Shock City Studios during one of his many recording sessions.


The final shots here are of Danny Davies, shot on another assignment for Eleven Magazine. It was a freezing, rainy night but my assignment required that we integrate the South Grand Avenue street scene into the photos, so I set up my light in a covered alcove and shot Danny for about five minutes.

Three very different subjects shot in wildly varying environments, but all were done with small flashes and on a very compressed timetable. I love taking hours and hours to create beautiful photos, but it’s nice to know that when pressed for time I can get the job done.

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