Apr 262012

For this, my 200th post on this blog (how the hell did that happen), I am ashamed to do that lame-ass thing where bloggers make a post about how busy they have been and apologize for not making regular updates lately. I hate that. Plus, all the blogging gurus (and LORD there are a lot of them) say it’s really bad form and hurts your Google scoregarithim or some SEO thing.

Whatevs. I’mma do it anyway.

The truth is, while I have been shooting like a wild man lately, I can’t really show you much of what I have been shooting yet. Editors don’t dig it when you scoop their publication, and I am working on a huge personal project that I am keeping under wraps for just a bit longer. I know that you are rabid fans of my spectacular work, but you will just have to quell your excitement for a while more.

In the meantime, here is a wedding portrait I did recently. Yes, I said ‘wedding’. If you are stunned that I do weddings, you aren’t alone. And you should read this post. As you can see, I don’t do traditional wedding photography. Congrats to my pal Allyson and her new hubby Brandon!

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