May 312012

When indie-folk songstress Abi Robins contacted me from Denver to discuss promo photos for her new album, I was pretty stoked. When she told me it was titled Such A Mess and that she was up for anything photo-wise, I got downright giddy. A few weeks ago she came through town and we spent the afternoon, well, making a mess.

Having worked with Abi before, I knew the shoot would be pretty free form and laid-back. We started out by snapping candids as we strolled the neighborhood, and while it yielded a few keepers it was primarily just a warm-up.

We stopped at the house of a friend who had kindly volunteered the use of their cluttered garage as a backdrop, then snapped some more street shots before heading to my own backyard to get really messy. I’m sure the neighbors and the police department next door wondered just what the hell was going on when they saw a giant plastic backdrop and flashes popping away, but if they did no one spoke up. Frankly, I think folks in my neighborhood are finally getting used to the weirdness emanating from my house.

The idea for these images was pretty simple: make a big mess of Abi. I think we did a pretty good job. Added bonus: one of the outtakes was perfect for my Woody Guthrie project!

As usual, it was a pleasure working with Abi. She tours often and will be releasing Such A Mess soon, so go check her out. You’ll come away a fan.

A big thank you to my pal Ryan Albritton for helping out at the last minute. He can now add Professional Paint Squirter to his ever-expanding resumè.

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