Feb 292012

Ok. Let’s just pause for a sec and consider the greatness of this band’s moniker. Seriously. Take it all in.

Now, ask yourself, “what are the chances that this is anything but an eight-piece funk band?”.

Nil, pal. Absolutely nil.

My buddies Ryan and Ryan at R&R Music Labs invited me to the band’s recording session last night, knowing that I am an enthusiast of All Funky Things. I’m glad they did, because it was a sneak peek at a killer band that will soon be blowing your face off at venues nationwide. The number they were cutting last night is a funtime jam of neo soul and retro boogie that is so bootylicious it could cause pregnancies from 50 yards away.

And the band is a blast to hang with. Every group has their class clown, but I am pretty sure there are at least half a dozen in this outfit. When they weren’t busy slaying each other with riffs in the studio, they were cracking each other up over dinner (lovingly prepared by their manager Alexis).

When you get the chance to see this band live, do it. They are the real deal.

Just be sure to wear protection.

Big Brother Thunder & The Master Blasters – Images by Corey Woodruff

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