Jan 082012

Being both a drummer and a photographer has its benefits. My musical background helps make me a better music photographer, of course. I can read stage setups and anticipate certain things, and I know where not to be and when not to be there. But it also allows me to help out a band like Cracker when they post on Facebook that they need to borrow some gear for that night’s show.

Such was the case on Friday when a friend let me know of the band’s plight via Twitter. I was happy to lend them some stuff and in return their tour manager comped me a ticket and let me shoot their show. Without restrictions. As an added bonus, I got to meet and briefly chat with their terrific drummer, the great Frank Funaro after the show.

Ah, the benefits of social media. I’ve built a network of friends and colleagues by sharing my work and my interests, and in return I’m continually presented with opportunities like this. The stuff works if you use it for good, not evil.

Thanks to Bobby, Cracker’s tour manager for his hospitality and to the band for such a killer show!

You can read my pal Scott Allen’s review of the concert at KDHX.org.

Cracker @ The Pageant, St. Louis 1.6.2012 – Images by Corey Woodruff

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