Jun 152010

The only group to play Pointfest 26 without a guitar, L.A.’s Crash Kings were clearly the most mature and soulful group of the day. That’s not to say they didn’t “bring the rawk” (they closed with a monumental version of “War Pigs” for God’s sake) but they clearly had more in common with Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin than with Fall Out Boy and Nickelback.

And that’s damn fine with me.

They had me from Jason Morris’ first Bonham-esque drum intro and when Tony Beliveau started hammering the giant whammy bar on his heavily distorted Clavinet, I was sold. This is a power trio in the grandest way and they have chops and style for days. Writing kickass songs certainly won’t hold them back either.

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Crash Kings @ Pointfest – Images by Corey Woodruff

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