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David Vandervelde, Ghostfinger Live @ Off Broadway, St. Louis 4/21/2010

Honor And Shame

Last night I dragged my wife (on her birthday no less) to see a band I’ve been dying to check out live for several years:  Ghostfinger.  I was introduced to the band by their drummer Van Campbell, who also plays in the similarly kickass outfit Black Diamond Heavies.  The band was kind enough to allow me to photograph their set, which was quite an honor.

Unfortunately, the show was tragically under attended.  At most there were 40 people there which, even for a Wednesday night, is shameful given the level of talent in this band.

I’ve seen Van play several times and therefore expected the usual: a fireball of flailing limbs, steamroller grooves and stick flips that never exceeds the limits of taste but is always entertaining.  I wasn’t disappointed.  But I had not yet witnessed the great Matt Rowland on keys–a supremely tasteful player with a wicked sense of humor and dynamic stage presence, even when relegated to a darkened corner of the venue.

Opening for Ghostfinger and doubling as a second guitarist for them was the great David Vandervelde, a fantastic performer in his own right that seems to channel Neil Young in his guitar playing but with a much more charismatic voice and tighter songwriting.  And what can I say about Ghostfinger’s mustachioed frontman Richie “Fingers” Kirkpatrick?  His guitar work is simultaneously furious and atmospheric, and the man’s voice can sprint from a whisper to full-on howl in no time flat.  No matter what seemingly absurd craziness he is singing about at the time.

This is one fantastic band, folks.  And a hell of a lot of fun.

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