Jul 252012

A couple weeks ago I had the privilege of photographing the tenth annual Forecastle Festival in Louisville, Kentucky. Any excuse to visit my favorite city in the Bluegrass State is welcome, especially so when I get to travel with some excellent pals, drink bourbon, and photograph bands like Wilco and My Morning Jacket.

Joining me on this excursion were writer Chris Bay (from KDHX radio, for whom I was shooting the festival) and guitarist/graphic artist Karl Eggers. I couldn’t have asked for two better mates for a road-trip, as both are connoisseurs or fine music and fine whiskey–both of which were thoroughly enjoyed on the trip.

As an added bonus, the trip served as a convenient getaway for me after mounting the exhibit for my Guthrie project the night before. It was nice to put that endeavor in my rearview mirror, both figuratively and literally, and spend a weekend shooting all kinds of coolness at Forecastle.

You can see the slideshow over at KDHX.

If you care to read Chris’ recap of the weekend’s shenanigans, check this out.

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