Nov 102010

Sometimes my job is easier than other times. Last night was an easy night, thanks to the fine young gentlemen of the band Ha Ha Tonka and their equally amiable management at Bloodshot Records. Wrangling a band for pre-show portraits can be an experience ranging from Major-Pain-In-The-Ass to Simply Impossible but HHT’s label rep and road manager could not have been more accommodating to me. Thanks Joe and James!

And by knocking the portraits out in about three minutes I succeeded in making things easy for them, too. After all, I know from experience on the other side of the camera that musicians rarely want to be bothered with photos, especially just before a show. So the last thing I wanted to do was keep them captive for an hour while I tweaked my artistic vision. I had a shot in my head, set up a light and nailed it. No reason to prolong their agony.

Not that the guys seemed put off by any of it. They were quite friendly, in fact. Gotta love small-town Midwestern bands! Of course, it helps when the band is amazing on stage and writes gorgeous rock anthems in the vein of Kings of Leon and …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of The Dead. Yeah, that definitely makes my job easier.

Ha Ha Tonka @ Off Broadway 11.9.2010 – Images by Corey Woodruff

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