Oct 272010

When I was 16, I won tickets to see the mighty Helmet in concert (opening for Faith No More, to boot). Being the unusually responsible teenager that I was, I opted to work that night instead of going to the show. OK, truth be told, my mother threw a fit when I told her I wanted to call in sick to make the show and since I was generally terrified of her back then I went to work instead. 19 years later, I finally got to see Page Hamilton and his newest incarnation of the band. Live. From in front of the front row.

And it was SO worth the wait.

I was in NYC covering the massive CMJ Music Marathon and since the folks at CMJ are awesome, they accommodated my request to shoot one of my musical idols. Even better, I got to shoot in one of the most photographer-friendly venues I’ve ever encountered. Security was friendly, the pit was spacious, and there was a nifty indent on each side of the stage so I could shoot from the wings of the stage. And while I was restricted by the typical three-songs-and-out rule, security allowed me to stay in the shooting area to watch the rest of the show. So my vantage point to witness one of my biggest musical influences in action after waiting nearly two decades was this:


In addition to a great show, I also met fellow photog Rick Wenner. I’ve gotten to know Rick and excellent work via Twitter, so it was cool to meet him in person. He’s a talented dude and one hell of a nice guy too. That’s him in action below.

As always, click on the photo for larger sizes, to order prints or for licensing info.

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