Feb 122013

First of all, I Have A Bomb is a band (and a darn good one). They just happened to choose a name that no one can mention within a mile of an airport. Just wanna get that out of the way for all of the Feds that are undoubtedly reading this blog post due to some Big Brother-style web alerts that just lit up their desktops. I photographed them on a boat. Well, technically a ship.

Now that we have that out of the way…

Several months ago IHAB contacted me about shooting some promo photos on a sunken WWII minesweeper that was sticking out of the Mississippi river near St. Louis. Shoot a rock band in the middle of the river? Sure. Why not? It took a while to coordinate the schedules of the five busy bandmates and wait for the fickle St. Louis winter weather to throw us a bone, but we finally found a sunny January morning to trudge our way out to the rusted heap and make some photos. I am still cleaning sand out of my gear but I think it was worth it to get these shots. I’d love to hear what you think.

For you history buffs, the ship is/was the USS Inaugural–a WWII minesweeper that used to be a floating museum moored along the St. Louis riverfront. In the flood of 1993, it broke loose and drifted about a mile south where it capsized and has been resting…er…rusting since. Thanks to dangerously low river levels brought on by last year’s drought, anyone willing to slog through some smelly mud and sewage runoff can get to it. It was a very popular gawking spot for folks the morning we were shooting.

Special thanks to my pal Matt Jackson for the assistance on this one. It was a messy shoot, but no one drowned or got tetanus so that’s good.

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