Jun 092011

It’s only right that St. Louis’ independent radio station KDHX should choose a St. Louis band to kick off its annual Twangfest concert series. And I can’t think of a more suitable act than Kentucky Knife Fight to light the fuse on this year’s festivities. My fair city has birthed a huge number of Americana and roots-rock acts over the years, from Uncle Tupelo/Wilco/Son Volt and The Bottle Rockets to current faves The Dive Poets and Beth Bombara.

But KKF possess a hardened sound anchored by a jagged twin guitar attack and staccato rhythmic approach, and the subtle intensity of vocalist Jason Holler serves to energize any crowd they find themselves in front of. And last night that crowd was several hundred strong as the local boys kicked off the night with some South Side rock-n-roll before Texan songstress Elizabeth Cook and headliner Hayes Carll took over. The local boys did a great job on one of the biggest stages in the city, and hopefully won some new fans in the process. I sincerely appreciate being invited to capture the night for them.

Kentucky Knife Fight @ The Pageant 6.8.2011 (KDHX Twangfest) – Images by Corey Woodruff

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