Apr 202011

And so it begins.

This is the first in an ongoing series of portraits featuring photographers that I know.

There’s no grand artistic statement here; the only theme is that I know these people and they are photographers.  No overarching intent to “capture their souls on film” or anything.  I just wanna make photos of the photogs I know and admire.

With luck, I’ll learn something from the folks I’m working with.  At the very least, the people that typically have very few photos of themselves will get a nice portrait or two out of the deal.

I already have lined up several more of these and rest assured that if you are a photographer and I know you, I’ll be asking you to participate soon enough.

Clownvis - © Bryan Sutter, www.IShotGuyDeBord.com

Subject Numero Uno

The first sucker subject to step up is the talented (and twisted) Bryan Sutter.

I first “met” Bryan via Twitter, just as I’ve gotten to know many of the folks you’ll see in this series.  You’ll find Mr. Sutter under the name @IShotGuyDebord and you can see some of his unique music photography on his website of the same name.

Bryan has a sweet gig as the house photographer at The Firebird, a local concert venue that hosts a bewilderingly diverse array of acts from hip-hop to twitchy experimental rock acts.  Rarely a night goes by that Bryan isn’t shooting a show there and his bold, contrasty style is unique in the world of music photography.  And in a world where super high-ISO Nikon & Canon gear dominates, Sutter is an unabashed Sony shooter that’s just as apt to use a Lensbaby as a prime lens when photographing bands.  The result is a mix of energetic action shots and saturated abstract images that distinguish his work from his peers.

Oh, and he’s one darkly funny dude, which makes for interesting photos.  As you can see below.

Bryan Sutter – Images by Corey Woodruff

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