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In my opinion, the running order of this show was a bit bass-ackwards but I won’t complain. After all, the privilege of shooting the legendary Orange County troubadour Mike Ness fronting Social Distortion is nothing to take lightly. Especially in a venue with excellent lighting and a waist-high stage unimpeded by stage monitors. And I mean no disrespect to the Avett Brothers, whom Social D. was opening for, but this is MIKE F*#(ING NESS we are talking about here. It’s like asking Johnny Cash to open for Mumford & Sons. This is not some up & coming act, nor a has-been on the way down the filthy ladder of the music industry. Granted, their hour-long set implied more of a shared bill than an opening slot but I certainly understood the sight of several leather-clad punkers exiting the venue before the Avetts took the stage.

Maybe if his band had a banjo in it…and he had a beard…

I digress. Get off my lawn.

No photos can convey the twangy punk that Social Distortion fires at their audiences, but with luck you will have a sense of the sonic onslaught that erupted from the band at this show.

Shot on assignment for the fine folks at

Social Distortion live @ Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, TN 10.28.2011 – Images by Corey Woodruff

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  1. I went to the show. I was confused why Social d was opening for Avett brothers? Social d has been around for over 30 years! I was embarrassed for Nashville! I was hoping for alot of Social d fans to come out, but all there were was a bunch of lame ass Avett bro fans! I left after social d’s performance. I just hope they come back again, soon! Headlining this time like it should be!

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