Oct 052010

The hometown heroes are currently on tour supporting Flyleaf, which has to be making things tough for the headliners. SOTY is one of the most energetic live acts I’ve ever seen, with high flying stage antics and a pummeling sound that ignites audiences worldwide (seriously, they just got back from an Australian tour). And while Lacey Mosley and crew put on a great show, SOTY’s hometown crowd was clearly there to support their local boys made good.

One shooting note: SOTY practically played in the dark. All of the lighting on stage was reserved for Flyleaf’s gothic theatrics so there was no home field advantage for the boys. It’s too bad, because it made it nearly impossible to capture Philip Sneed’s roundhouse kicks and Adam Russell’s walk from the stage to the tables in the crowd to the bar at the rear of the venue.

Shot on assignment for PlaybackSTL.

Story Of The Year @ The Pageant 10.04.2010 – Images by Corey Woodruff

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