Jun 282010

Opening for indie dance pop sensations Passion Pit, Brahms and Tokyo Police Club did a fantastic shop of dissipating the crowd’s inertia.  And once the youngsters in the audience were in motion, they didn’t stop all night.  The floor of the venue was a sea of bouncing, weaving, swaying teens and twenty-somethings until the very last note.

As I mentioned in my Passion Pit post a few days ago, the lighting for each band was radically different.  Brahms relied almost entirely on their backlit plexiglass pulpits while TPC used a more standard lighting scheme.  And then Passion pit took the stage amidst more light than a nuclear explosion.

Enjoy the photos, and if you need a print or license for an image, just click the photo or slideshow.

First up, Brahms:

Brahms @ The Pageant 6.23.2010 – Images by Corey Woodruff

Tokyo Police Club:

Tokyo Police Club @ The Pageant 6.23.2010 – Images by Corey Woodruff

Shot on assignment for Eleven Magazine.

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