Jul 062011

The band’s current bio begins with this paragraph:

Six Top 10 singles. Over 4 million records sold. Grammy nominations, platinum albums, numerous awards and hit songs around the world, plus the #1 most-played rock song of 1998. Tonic was a musical powerhouse, merging the raw honesty of rock to unabashed melody…and ushering rock n roll into a new millennium.

WAS a musical powerhouse?” I beg to differ–they still are pretty badass.

Tonics’ popularity may no longer be at its peak but this foursome still has the firepower to showcase the modern rock hits that put them on the map, and Monday’s ferocious set hammered that point home. Unfazed by the blazing Midwest sun, they jump-started the second day of a festival whose first day was a misfire thanks to thunderstorms. Peppering their set with massive hits alongside newer material, the band showed that they still know how to kick much ass.

Backstage, the band was incredibly affable as they joked around in the catering tent and hammed it up during meet-n-greet photos. It was clearly evident that these guys that take their music seriously but are having a blast doing what they do. And that’s always inspiring to see.

Tonic @ O’Fallon Heritage & Freedom Fest 7.4.2011 – Images by Corey Woodruff

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