Jan 082011

…but that’s no excuse to stop shooting.

Having spent a good chunk of the holidays away from photography, I’ve had the itch to get out and do some work for a few weeks now. Since I don’t work out of a studio, I do most of my portraits on location and in the winter that can downright suck. That said, I was resolute in leaving the cozy confines of my editing chair to shoot some street portraits. But I would, of course, need a subject.

As usual, my friend and frequent collaborator BriAnn had no qualms about shooting in the inclement weather. After all, she’s risked drowning and contracting rabies on some of our past adventures so taking photos around downtown in freezing weather (while bundled up, even) was a piece of cake.

We spent a few hours running around the city to hit some spots I’ve wanted to shoot at for a while, tried some new lighting setups, and even broke out my new Holga for a couple shots (using off camera flash, no less!). Surprise! The Holga works great with flash!

It felt good to get back to work, especially since I’m spending so much time on year-end archiving, taxes and prepping my 2011 marketing campaign. I’m glad we knocked these shots out now too, because I’ll be at the NAMM show next week and won’t be able to shoot much until the end of the month. But at least the show is in sunny, WARM Southern California. Bring on the palm trees.

BriAnn, Winter 2011 – Images by Corey Woodruff

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