Mar 032010

I have always had great performance from my Sandisk Extreme memory cards, but a couple weeks ago the locking tab on one of them mysteriously fell off and disappeared.  I remembered that the cards carry a limited lifetime warranty, but having been down that road with other companies in the past I figured there was some loophole that my hard earned card buying cash would disappear into.

Nope.  Sandisk rocks.

An email to a warranty link on their website got the process going.  I answered a couple of questions in two subsequent emails, received an RMA number and a UPS label, and shipped my sick little card off to Sandisk.  Less than a week later I have a brand new card, and Sandisk has an even more loyal customer than they had before.  One with a blog and a Twitter account.

Thanks Sandisk, for standing behind your products and doing what you said you would do.  I shouldn’t be surprised by a company doing this, but it’s all too rare these days.

Oh, here’s yesterday’s Project365 shot.  Made using a Sandisk card, natch.

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