Jun 062012

When Paige and Evan call and say, “we have this really cool cardboard set we just used for a video shoot and we were wondering if you wanted to come over and take some photos of us with it” you just go. No questions. Just. Go.

The dynamic duo (finally a case where that overused descriptor truly applies) known as Sleepy Kitty is half rock-n-roll band, half screen-printing juggernaut, and a full-on nuclear powered incubator of creativity. Every single time I talk to them I come away with a blown mind full of big ideas. It doesn’t hurt that they are incredibly photogenic, either. So you can see why I jump at any chance to work with them.

Unlike our last shoot, this one was very unplanned and loose which is something I am trying to embrace a little more in my work. Sure, there was a giant set of cardboard people to play with, but I had zero preconceived images or lighting schemes in mind. We were literally just playing. I showed up with two bags of gear, they broke out some frosty beverages and snappy duds, and off we went. They spent the next couple of hours goofing around in the set while I tried several different ideas, including pairing my $30 Holga with a $4 roll of Paige’s expired film and my $3000 lighting rig.

Holga + Ringflash

We eventually ended up out on their rooftop patio (how could we not?) where they put on some Velvet Underground, made a costume change and danced away maniacally. Sometimes, the pictures just make themselves, you know?

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