Sep 292011

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Jon. He is a full-time professional photographer (the first in this series) specializing in corporate portraiture and food work; he enjoys running, cooking, and eating; and he is a Washington Redskins fan. That last one is a bit baffling, but I’ll give him a pass since he’s become a good friend and frequent drinking buddy of mine. Actually, the East Coast Sports Allegiance makes some sense considering that he recently relocated from NYC to the flyover states with his fiancĂ©, but the Redskins? Come on, you could at least root for a real team like the Steelers, Jon.

In any case, what Jon lacks in his sporting tastes he more than makes up for in photographic talent. The dude is putting out some seriously great work. His eye for composition is fantastic, and his deceptively simple lighting schemes give his work an open, airy look. And let’s face it, corporate portraiture clients want their images to look, well…corporate. It’s not an easy nut to crack either, but Jon routinely spends several days a week on airplanes, flying around the nation to shoot. So he’s clearly shooting the right stuff in the right way and serving his clients well.

I was lucky enough to corner him on a rare day at home so we hung out in his gorgeous downtown loft, drank beer and made photos. As usual, I wanted to incorporate some elements of his style into the shoot, so we started off shooting him in a suit–my version of a corporate portrait. And since Jon is a burgeoning food blogger, I shot him in his kitchen. With food. Groundbreaking stuff, I know.

Since Jon is also a bit of a ham (as you can see), I had brought along some weird items to put together a sort of “bachelor’s dinner”. These bizarre ideas come to me at all hours, and I have no idea why. Some are funny, some suck. I’ll let you decide.

The inspiration for the pepper shot was just as random: I saw the peppers at the store and thought up the idea for the shot. The sweat was Jon’s contribution.

And we ended the day with a more traditional portrait of Jon, again in his kitchen but sporting a t-shirt for his blog Shoot To Cook. Shameless.

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