Dec 172011

Two things I learned from this shoot:

1) Shooting film at night is a pain in the ass.
2) Whatever the coldest night of the year is, I am guaranteed to be outside shooting in it.

With that out of the way, I’d like to introduce you to young Jarred. He’s a talented music photographer and videographer currently studying graphic design. Which is to say, he is a very creative dude. I have been familiar with his work for a while now but only recently made his acquaintance in person, mainly after wondering who the hell the kid with the Mamiya RZ was at a rock show.

Yes, you read that right: this guy was shooting a concert with a medium format film camera, and a manual focus one loaded with black & white instant film at that. You could say that he has a fairly unique vision.

Some of Jarred’s work:

Dots Not Feathers – Mountain (A Show Me Show) from Jarred Gastreich on Vimeo.

Anyway, Jarred suggested that we do the shoot downtown at the Laclede’s Landing area where we could wander the cobblestone alleyways, shooting and chatting as we went. I thought it was a cool idea and since whenever I think of Jarred’s work I think “FILM”, I decided I was gonna shoot him on good old analog. Thankfully, I took my digital rig with me because it was so damned dark that I was not getting usable images from my ISO 400 film. I had brought along my lighting rig (it’s available light if it’s always available!) but getting it to sync with my ancient digital cameras proved to be too much of a mental exercise on such a frigid night. Plus my Nikon FE threw a major conniption fit and refused to fire the shutter, eating half a roll of film in the process.

So I shot everything digitally and mimicked the look of film. Some purists might call me a wuss for bailing on the film plan, but I consider myself an improviser. Jarred was dressed to look good, not to be cozy so I got the shots, I got the look I wanted, I got into a warm truck and drove home. You do what you gotta do!

Besides, knowing Jarred, we will likely get together to shoot again soon. I certainly hope so, anyway.

Shooting The Shooter Series, Vol. IX: Jarred Gastreich – Images by Corey Woodruff

  3 Responses to “Shooting The Shooter, Vol. IX: Jarred Gastreich”

  1. Corey,

    It is such an honor to be among the other eight photographers in this series. Thanks for having me, and thanks for TRYING to use film. 🙂

  2. I have worked with Jarred a number of times. He is a fantastic cinematographer and photographer. I can think of two shoots of the top of my head that his shots made the video what it was.

  3. […] work first blipped onto my radar on Facebook, via my pal Jarred Gastreich. I was impressed with her frequent collaborations with various burlesque performers around town, […]

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