Jul 212011

First off, let me say how great it is to finally do another one of these sessions. I’ve been having a blast with this series but have been busy moving, shooting other stuff and generally running mad for the last several weeks. So it was refreshing to get back to this series, especially considering that I got to finally shoot my good friend Jeff Hill. I always love hanging with Jeff, whether it’s at a Strobist meetup, a gallery showing or on a job (he’s my first-call assistant).

This session is also the first to feature a non-music photographer. Jeff is currently finishing up his art degree and the bulk of his work resides within the fine art realm. Some of his pieces are elaborate installations and conceptual multimedia works that include audio, stills and video. You can check out some his work on his ever-evolving Flickr page.

As with the other sessions in this series, I tried to pay tribute to my subject in some way with the photos. In Jeff’s case, I chose to include some of his work in the shots. His tattoo, his contact sheets, a self-portrait. Jeff and I work well together and tend to come up with idea after idea when shooting together, but after blowing through these three setups we wrapped things up and Jeff took a turn behind the camera to make a few quick portraits of me. You will see those soon, and hopefully not with my head Photochopped onto the body of say, an elf.

Without fail, all of the subjects in this series have mentioned that they hate having their photo taken. I tend to smile and shrug it off, but when Jeff turned the tables on me I instantly knew what all of them were talking about. As I was staring down the barrel of that lens, I had a newfound respect for the sensitivity required when photographing skittish subjects.

Another STS session, another lesson learned.

***I would be remiss if I failed to give a nod to the great Joe McNally for the inspiration behind the contact sheets shot. He’s probably disappointed that I used less than 17 lights on it though (I used 2). 🙂

Shooting The Shooter, Vol. VI: Jeff Hill – Images by Corey Woodruff

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