Oct 092012
The “New Years Rulin’s” Project: Behind The Scenes, #9 Wear Clean Clothes - Look Good

[You can read the rest of this series here.] This shoot was a mess. Literally. And intentionally. Let me explain. THE CONCEPT This photo is actually an outtake from a session for Abi’s latest record, “Such A Mess”. She and I had worked together before on some press photos, so I was honored to be [Continue Reading…]

May 312012
Abi Robins Promo Portraits

When indie-folk songstress Abi Robins contacted me from Denver to discuss promo photos for her new album, I was pretty stoked. When she told me it was titled Such A Mess and that she was up for anything photo-wise, I got downright giddy. A few weeks ago she came through town and we spent the [Continue Reading…]

May 102010
Band Promos: Abi Robins and Sean Renner

I recently did some portraits for a pair of talented young singer-songwriters:  Abi Robins and Sean Renner.  The Morning Bird Records artists are hitting the road this summer and needed some updated photos for their promotional efforts.  As exciting as it is to shoot a big rock show in a huge venue with crazy lighting [Continue Reading…]

Apr 142010
Abi Robins CD Release Party

Singer/songwriter Abi Robins celebrated the release of her excellent new album For Luck or Lie (Morning Bird Records) at Off Broadway on Monday night in front of a rapt audience.  Abi is a talented artist and will be on tour for pretty much the entire summer, so check her out when she swings through your [Continue Reading…]

Apr 132010
Glowing House @ Off Broadway 4/12/10

Denver’s Glowing House made the trek to Off Broadway to help celebrate the release of label mate Abi Robins’ newest album, For Luck Or Lie (Morning Bird Records).  A talented young quartet, Glowing House played a set of bluegrass-tinged new age folk and Americana to an attentive crowd.  In fact the audience was so enraptured [Continue Reading…]