Nov 102010
Ha Ha Tonka @ Off Broadway 11.9.2010

Sometimes my job is easier than other times. Last night was an easy night, thanks to the fine young gentlemen of the band Ha Ha Tonka and their equally amiable management at Bloodshot Records. Wrangling a band for pre-show portraits can be an experience ranging from Major-Pain-In-The-Ass to Simply Impossible but HHT’s label rep and [Continue Reading…]

Apr 222010
The Booze Live @ The Old Rock House 4/18/2010

Spearheading a triple bill with heavy hitters like Earl Greyhound and OK Go has to be a daunting task, but the fierce young quintet known as The Booze held their own when they kicked off last Sunday’s show at The Old Rock House with heavy swagger and a vibrant set of garage rock. Looking like [Continue Reading…]