Dec 282012
The “New Years Rulin’s” Photo Project: Behind The Scenes, #14 Listen To Radio A Lot

[You can read the rest of this series here.] THE CONCEPT I’m guessing you aren’t exactly scratching your head over this one. It’s pretty self-explanatory. In fact, I had the image for this one in mind almost immediately. The tricky part was setting the scene and lighting it the way I had imagined it. THE [Continue Reading…]

Jun 042012
I Am A Man About Town

This blog post has a very specific target audience. It pertains only to those of you near my base of operations, St. Louis, Missouri. So that’s about 2.4 million folks. Of course not all of them read this little blog, and I’m guessing that only a handful of my readers will be interested in hearing [Continue Reading…]

May 132012
"New Years Rulin's" - My Tribute to Woody Guthrie in Photos and Music

For those of you unaware, the folk hero/musician/activist Woody Guthrie would have been 100 years old this year. There are tons of celebrations and centennial tributes taking place throughout the world, but one local tribute caught my attention at the beginning of this year. It also spawned a tribute project of my own. A local [Continue Reading…]