Apr 302010
Droids Attack @ Ciceros 4.27.10

Descending not from the sky but from Madison, Wisconsin, Droids Attack unleashed their sonic fury upon St. Louis Wednesday night.  Their new album is entitled Must Destroy and that’s precisely what this stoner metal power trio did. Many faces were melted clean off.  Luckily my trusty Nikon gear is coated in a proprietary droid-proof polymer, [Continue Reading…]

Mar 112010
More Sleepy Kitty

My new friends Sleepy Kitty played a great show at Cicero’s last night and I had the honor of photographing them again.  This time I was armed with my new D700 and 24-70mm f/2.8 glass so I shot like a mad man.  I’ll be adjusting a few settings after editing these shots, but I’m definitely [Continue Reading…]