May 302013
Product Photos for Jenkins-Martin Drums

As many of you know, I’m a working musician as well as a photographer. Well, not a musician–just a drummer (as the old joke goes). And if you read this blog on a regular basis you know that these two seemingly divergent pursuits often intersect. I get drumming gigs from people I’ve photographed and vice [Continue Reading…]

Apr 022012
Meet The Lulus

This should go without saying, but it behooves me to do the best possible work on every single project I shoot. The client hires you, then you should bust your ass to knock it out of the park so that they feel they got what they paid for, right? Duh. But the larger picture, the [Continue Reading…]

Feb 202012
Fashion Work For

Here’s one for the ladies.  Some more work for the folks at MUS.  These are the fun shots we get to do after a grueling day of catalog photos on a static set.  And after 6 or so hours scrutinizing each image on the monitor, telling the merchandiser where to adjust the garments, and generally [Continue Reading…]