Apr 222010
David Vandervelde, Ghostfinger @ Off Broadway 4/21/10

Honor And Shame Last night I dragged my wife (on her birthday no less) to see a band I’ve been dying to check out live for several years:  Ghostfinger.  I was introduced to the band by their drummer Van Campbell, who also plays in the similarly kickass outfit Black Diamond Heavies.  The band was kind [Continue Reading…]

Apr 202010
Earl Greyhound @ The Old Rock House 4/18/10

Let’s just get this out of the way right up front:  I am a major fan of Earl Greyhound.  There.  The unbiased journalism can now commence. Ever since I was turned on to the band’s 2006 release Soft Targets, I have been in love with their glorious blend of psychedelia and glam rock.  I missed [Continue Reading…]

Apr 142010
Abi Robins CD Release Party

Singer/songwriter Abi Robins celebrated the release of her excellent new album For Luck or Lie (Morning Bird Records) at Off Broadway on Monday night in front of a rapt audience.  Abi is a talented artist and will be on tour for pretty much the entire summer, so check her out when she swings through your [Continue Reading…]